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that's what we keep telling ourselves

We just launched. But people are already lobbing critiques our way. We couldn't be happier.

We will continue to post Kumquat coverage to this page as soon as it becomes available. If it becomes available.

This Week's Remainders

"Kumquat promises to improve the stale, thoughtless annual review many employees ensure. A fresh idea in the web 2.0 space."

Benry Blog

Kumquat's Painless Feedback Tool

"The idea behind Kumquat is to give you some control over the whole 'feedback' process, which may or may not be good for all situations, but it does make things easier for you and those that are reviewing your work. It takes the formalized, third-party, over-the-shoulder stress out of receiving feedback from others."

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KumQuat - Obtener feedback de tus clientes por Internet

"Los que trabajamos para satisfacer las necesidades de clientes sabemos la importancia que tiene recibir un feedback al terminar el trabajo. En mi caso suelo solicitarlo en una reunión especialmente dedicada al tema o, en caso de proyectos remotos, por audio o videoconferencia."

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Kumquat lets you take your performance reviews into your own hands

"Who needs a tool like Kumquat? Perhaps you’re self-employed, work solo, or do consulting on the side. Maybe you don’t get the valuable information from your current employer you need to make improvements in your performance or maybe you want timely evaluation of specific project rather than waiting for your annual review. If you feel like you could use more feedback from clients, customers, co-workers, or even people in your life with titles that start with letters other than 'c', Kumquat may be just the thing."

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No, Really - How Was it For You? Kumquat Launches Simple Performance Review Service

"The company believes that there isn't a really easy way to secure performance evaluations from people you've worked for; they aim to make it simple and they do a pretty good job at launch....

If you are seeking feedback on your work from clients or peers - Kumquat could be just what you're looking for."

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