We're here to help you
respond to review requests

Kumquat was designed to help people gather feedback whenever you want. In order to do that, they need your help.

Here are some common questions about responding to a review.

Could you walk me through it?

Absolutely. Each review topic has two components, a quantitative ranking and a qualitative ranking.

Finally, there's a general feedback area. Use this text box to provide feedback that is not covered by the other areas.

How do I get a Kumquat account?

Currently, there are only two ways to get access to Kumquat:

  1. One of the folks who currently has access to Kumquat can ask you for a review. Once you've provided your feedback, you'll be given the option to sign up and build a review of your own.
  2. You can start following us on Twitter, or join our Facebook group, and every so often, we'll pick some people from those lists to become new users.

Well, now that I think of it, there's actually a third way.

  1. If you're a member of the media (any blogger or traditional journalist), visit the media area, review the press kit, and drop us a line with your particulars, like your name and your blog uri. We'd be happy to give you access to test drive Kumquat, so that you can tell your readers about it.


What do you mean by "anonymous"?

If the reviewee has selected the anonymous setting, your feedback will not be identified. Your comments and rankings will simply come through as "reviewer."