We're here to help you
create reviews

Kumquat was designed to help you gather feedback whenever you want.

We tend to call them "reviews." Here are some common questions about creating a review.

Could you walk me through it?

Absolutely. Here's a quick video demo:

Or, here's what you do, step by step:

  1. Give your review a name.
    We recommend making it something descriptive, like "Client X Web project meeting" or "Quarterly performance review" or "Corporate brochure."
  2. Select the dates
    Dates can be set to a single day (begin and end on the same day), to dates in the past, or to dates in the future. Setting a date in the future is usefull when asking for feedback on a project that has not yet completed.
  3. Pick the topics on which you would like to be rated
    You can pick as many of these as you like. No need to pick them all. And the topics you pick can really help you customize the feedback you gather. For example:

    • If you want to leave it fairly open, selecting the value topic (the first checkbox) is a good way to go.
    • Interested in how others perceive your management skills? Consider selecting scope, manage, and communication.
    • Feeling like you're having a hard time getting your point across? Gather feedback with the communication and expectations topics.
    • ... and many more. Mix and match to meet your needs. We'll keep track.
  4. Provide specific details on that particular topic. Or don't.
    For example, if you select scope, maybe you're interested in their feedback on the milestones you established. If you pick communications, maybe you're interested in specific feedback on email communications.
  5. Provide the names and email addresses for up to five reviewers.
    Don't have five folks? Don't worry. All you need is one. Need to invite more than five? We picked five reviewers as a way for you to get a well-rounded picture of your performance. If you have more than five, you might want to break the review up into specific aspects for groups of five reviewers at a time.
  6. Compose a personal message. Or don't.
    We give you the option of creating a specific subject and message to your review team. But if you just want to fire it off, you can use our subject and one of the two pre-written messages. Select from the dropdown menu to pick a message or start typing to create your own.
  7. Decide whether you want the responses to be anonymous or not.
    You can give reviewers complete anonymity, if you think that will help you get more geniuine feedback. The default is named reviewers, so tick the Yes box if you're looking for anonymous.
  8. Decide whether you want everyone on your list to know who is on the list.
    If you're working with a team, it can be helpful for folks to know who is responding. Then, they can focus their feedback on particular aspects of your relationship, rather than worrying about covering generic topics. Reviewer as not shared by default. If you want to publish the list, tick the Yes box.
  9. Send it, save it, or cancel it.
    Sending will, well, send the review immediately. Saving will allow you to return to the review for additional tweaking before sending it to your reviewers. Saved reviews are held in the Drafts area of the Your Reviews tab.

What if no one responds?

Kumquat is a new service. And this means that overactive spam filters may trap some of the Kumquat email requests. For that reason, we highly recommend that, on your first few review requests, you alert folks to be on the lookout for the emails. And that they add the email address to their contacts. Once they have added the kumquathq.com domain to their "allowed" list, the emails should all arrive safely.

What if they all got the emails but they still don't respond?

Well, that makes us incredibly sad even hearing that. You need new reviewers. However, there may be occassions where one or more people fail to respond to your request. In these cases, you can always choose to close the review from the Your Reviews tab. This will prevent others from providing feedback and will move the review to the Completed area.

How many review can I send?

That's a good question. How many can you send? We're not limiting you. Send as many as you need, as often as you need, to get the feedback that will help you improve.